Zenostar® MT Color

For Zenostar MT 0, shading is achieved in the brush infiltration technique. The milled MT 0 Zenostar restorations are infiltrated with the Zenostar MT Color Liquids before sintering. In addition to the liquids in 16 tooth shades, users may also choose the intensive shades
known as “Impulse“. They are used for further shade characterizations, which is particularly important in the anterior region. The Impulse Liquids are available in five shades: three for incisal areas (blue, violet, grey) and two
for interdental areas/fissures (orange, brown) two for interdental areas/fissures  (orange, brown).

Zenostar® Color Zr

For the Brush Infiltration Technique, Zenostar Color Zr Liquids in all the 16 A-D shades as well as 5 Effect shades (grey-violet, white, ivory, brown, orange) are available.

Zenostar® T Infiltration Video Tutorial

Zenostar® VisualiZr

Zenostar VisualiZr

In order to simplify the infiltration procedure, Zenostar VisualiZr Indicator Solutions are offered.
They are available in 3 shades (red, blue, yellow) and can be added to the nearly colourless Zenostar MT Color Liquids / Zenostar Color Zr Liquids to make infiltration of the restoration with colouring liquid visible.

Zenostar® Brush

Zenostar Brush

The brush set comprises plastic and nylon brushes in a number of sizes. The sizes and qualities of the bristles are ideally suited for the Zenostar brush infiltration technique and ensure the best shade matching and reproducibility.