Zenostar® Stains

The fully automatically produced restorations are finally characterized with stains and glaze liquid. By using pre-shaded Zenostar T discs, highly esthetical results can be achieved quickly and easily. 

IPS Ivocolor

IPS Ivocolor is a universal range of Stain an Glaze materials for the press, CAD and layering ceramics from Ivoclar Vivadent and the Zenostar zirconia materials from Wieland Dental. Now dental technicians only need one assortment to customize and glaze their restoration.

IPS Ivocolor

IPS e.max Ceram Shades, Essences, Glaze Paste

The IPS e.max Ceram paste shades and stains are applied to the surface of the restoration to achieve individual characterization and then subsequently fired in the Programat furnace.

Zenostar® Art Module

The Zenostar Art Stains are a perfectly coordinated range of stain and glaze materials from Wieland Dental for finishing all types of Zenostar restorations quickly and efficiently.

Zenostar Art Module