Zenostar® Preparation

Zenostar crowns and bridges allow a conservative tooth preparation. Indications state that at least 0.5 mm – 1 mm of tooth structure must be removed occlusally and axially in order to guarantee the durability of the restoration. Detailed information on the topic of preparation can be found under Zenostar CAD/CAM Manual.

The recommended preparation instruments are all instrument sets suitable for zirconium oxide. The largest circumference of the prepared tooth is clearly visible in the area of the gingival preparation margin.

A cusp-supporting shape and a circumferential chamfer are essential for Zenostar restorations.

Zenostar® Luting

The use of an esthetic luting material is crucial to ensure that the metal-free restorations maintain their harmonious shade effects. Depending on the indication, the Zenostar restorations can be cemented using adhesive, self-adhesive or using conventional cementation methods.

For adhesive cementation we recommend Multilink Automix, for self-adhesive cementation Speed CEM® and for conventional cementation Vivaglass CEM PL. Before luting, the restoration must be cleaned with Ivoclean.

The product selection may differ according to country

Information about the luting of Zenostar restorations can be found under the following link: www.cementation-navigation.com